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The Medical Analysis Laboratory is the closest partner to the clinician when it comes to a correct diagnosis. This is why it is very important that the medical analyses accurately reflect the reality, being perfectly consistent with the patient's affection. This we managed to get through an endowment with reference tools and a young team of professionals in constant perfection. We have implemented the European standard of quality ISO 15189 to guarantee the professionalism and quality of the services offered to our patients.

Dentistry. A pleasant smile always offers confidence, and the desire to have a beautiful teeth is a natural thing for any of us. That is why we are doing everything we can to fulfill this desire, continuously investing in new materials and appliances. The main objectives are to ensure functional and effective dentition, correction of some dental abnormalities, aesthetic, pleasing appearance of teeth using recent techniques. These are achieved by a complete and complex approach, from the proper treatment of simple caries with new materials to dental implants.

The imaging department (ultrasonography) is the place where the clinician's suppositions are confirmed or disabled. For this purpose we purchased a high accuracy 5D ultrasound, based on the latest generation technology, and good specialists. Osteodensitometry Dexa is the most modern and widespread method of determining bone mineral density, based for the diagnosis of osteoporosis or osteopenia. It is not painful, no special training is required before conducting examinations, it is accurate and risk-deprived. It uses very small doses of X-rays, of different densities, which are straying the bone showing the degree of reduction of bone density. It can be performed at different parts of the body or to the whole body especially for highlighting the proportion of bone, muscular and adipose tissues (fat).

Urology. The urologist, using high tehnologies, can solve problems that are seemingly easy to tackle, such as urinary infections, or more complex diseases of the uro-genital tract.

Ent. The modern treatment of throat, nose and ear affections is now closer to you.

Gynecology. You feel safe when you get the right answers from your specialist doctor to the delicate problems you meet, or when you take care of yourself and your child by monitoring carefully throughout your pregnancy, including by performing fetal morphology.

You must take care of your heart, addressing the cardiology department early, to be diagnosed correctly and for proper treatment, if necessary. The Doppler ultrasound of the vessels informs us of the health status of the limbs and carotids vessels, detecting the deposition of fats, calcium or the presence of the throes. EKG and TA monitors permanently register, 24h/24h, all electrical changes in the heart or variations in blood pressure, clarifying the situations in which the diagnosis is uncertain.

Dermatology is the medical specialty recently introduced in our services in order to help patients with problems related to both dermatological pathology and skin aesthetics.


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